About Us

Hi, my name is Vipul, an electronic appliances enthusiast for over last  4 years.

I developed interest in electronics back then when I was in school. I always used to be curious about how physics work. One of my favorite hobby in school days and even today is to understand the working of different electronic appliances.

Air Cooler is one of my favorite electronic appliance because of it’s simple working model. Air Cooler don’t work on some complex mechanism instead it work on simple principle of evaporation of water. My knowledge and interest for Air Coolers began to grow more deeper with time.

I found out some health benefits of using Air Cooler, especially in summers. Air coolers are proven to increase the quality of our sleep. Also Air Coolers don’t use any harmful chemicals like CFC’s that harm the environment.

My primary objective starting bestaircoolerindia.in  was to share my knowledge about Air coolers to the public. My aim is to provide a well-researched, accurate and unbiased reviews on Air Coolers to the people of India.

Together we will keep India Chill and Fresh!

Stay Cool,


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