Best Air Cooler Brands in India [2020] – Reviews

Best Air Cooler Brands in India 2020

Having an air cooler at home in summers is becoming a necessity these days. Air cooler is the simplest and also the cheapest way of cooling our rooms. But things get a bit difficult when it comes to choosing the best air cooler brands. Because there are various brands available in the market.

Many air cooler brands in India manufacture high-quality devices that serve the purpose. Therefore the question arises which is the best air cooler company in India? Well, I suggest you read this article to find the answer.

So, here we bring you the top 5 best air cooler brands in India.

1. Symphony – Top Air Cooler Brand

symphony logo - best air cooler brands

Symphony is considered as one the best air cooler company. It is the worlds largest manufacturer of air cooler. In 1988 this multinational company was founded in Gujrat, India. Today Symphony has its presence in over 60 countries across America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Symphony has a series of products that have been cooling customers for ages. Firstly, this company have achieved many glories in this field including 7 copyrights and 8 patents. Besides, it also holds the Guinness World Record for creating the world’s largest functioning air coolers.

Symphony claims itself the world leader in evaporative air cooling. This company manufactures market-leading products with improved design and innovation. Also, they make sure that the coolers are energy conservative, distinctive and customer friendly.

Symphony develops appliances that can handle climate change. Above all, they have been providing appliances for affordable cooling and Eco-friendly environment. All these efforts are being made to maximize the efficiency and productivity of air coolers.

Symphony manufactures air coolers for home, offices and also industrial use.  If we consider only air coolers for home then symphony has over 55 air coolers that range from 5000 to more than 20000 rupees. They provide a 1-year warranty on their appliances. One of the best air cooler by symphony is Hicool i 31 ltr.

Our Recommended Symphony Air Coolers 


2. Crompton – Best Desert Air Cooler brand 

crompton logoCrompton comes among the best air cooler manufacturing company in India. Great quality, reliability and product design are among the features of this brand. Also, it is one of the leading consumer companies in India for more than 75 years.

Crompton is also known for making innovative products that provide a meaningful solution like the anti-dust fan and anti-bacterial LED bulb. On the other hand, this brand has always strived to bring products that benefit the consumer and provide value to their money.

Above all Crompton believes is understanding the consumer needs and providing meaningful benefits with their products and services. Superior performance is expected from every single appliance manufactured in Crompton.

When it comes to air coolers, Crompton manufactures some of the best air coolers in India. But mostly Crompton’s desert air coolers are famous. Tank capacity, energy efficiency, air delivery and cooling are the main reasons behind the success of Crompton desert air coolers.

Crompton provides a 1-year warranty on the air coolers. Crompton Ozone 75  is a top desert air cooler in India.

Our Recommended Crompton Air Coolers 


3. Bajaj Electricals – A Famous brand for Electrical Appliances

bajaj electricals

Bajaj is one of the oldest Indian company that manufactures automobiles, electricians and many other services. In 1960, Bajaj Electricals Limited came into existence. It is a globally renowned and trusted company. Subsequently, they have been helping people of India with its affordable electrical devices.

Bajaj electricals is a widely spread business across consumer products(including  Air cooler, Fans, etc.)  Exports and EPC (Illumination, Transmission Towers and Power Distribution). Bajaj Electricals have their exclusive stores called ‘Bajaj World‘ all over the country. Besides, for after scale services, they have provided 500 customer care centres.

‘Inspiring Trust’ is the tag line of bajaj electricals because apart from work, bajaj electricals also believe in bringing change the society.

Bajaj produces air coolers that are easily affordable for the common man’s pocket.  Also, all of its coolers are inverter compatible. Energy efficiency is another plus point of these coolers. Bajaj gives a 1-year warranty on its air coolers. One of the top air cooler by Bajaj electricals is Bajaj Platini Torque.

Our Recommended Bajaj Air Coolers


4. Orient Electric – Premium Electrical Appliances brand

orient electric logoOrient Electric is a part of CK Birla Group. In 1993 this company was started in Orissa, India. Orient patented PSPO(Peak Speed Performance Output) technology during the early ’90s.

Orient Electric entered into the home appliances market in 2011. This division included products like Air Coolers, Water Heater, Juicer Mixer Grinder, Toaster, etc.

Orient Electric is the largest manufacturer of fans in India. It is also the largest fan exporter with over 60% export share. Orient is dominating its presence in over 40 international markets. Besides this, it has more than 1,25,000 outlets across the country.

Orient Electric is a one-stop brand for lifestyle electrical solutions. It includes Fans, Home Appliances, Lighting, etc. They are committed to manufacturing cutting-edge electric products that satisfy the needs of consumers. And the mission of orient electric is to make the customer happy providing smart electrical solutions.

Orient produces stylish air coolers with stunning design. They also provide a 1-year warranty on the coolers. One of the best orient air cooler is Smartcool Dx. It is the best selling Orient air cooler.

Our Recommended Orient Air Coolers 


5. Kenstar – Preferred Premium Air Cooler Brand in India

kenstar logo

Kenstar is a name that comes among the best brands for an air cooler. In 1996 this company introduced branded air cooler in India. Later they also launched microwave ovens, washing machines, etc.

Their products are available in more than 20,000 retail stores. Quality, style and durability are the main features of Kenstar air coolers. This brand has satisfied customers needs all over the world. Therefore, it is one of the most preferred brands in the country.

Kenstar aims to simplify and enrich the lives of its customer. Above all, they understand the needs of this generation and hence have a wide range of products that can fulfil their requirement. Kenstar promises to bring ‘ Way The World Lives’ to India.

Kenstar provides a 1-year warranty on its air coolers. Double cool DX is one of the best air cooler by Kenstar.

Our Recommended Kenstar Air Coolers 


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